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It is the mission of Conan’s academy to provide training in a variety of martial arts disciplines that provides kids and adults with effective self-defense methods and help them build confidence and self esteem. Conan’s academy provides a positive vehicle for kids and adults who are underprivileged and or poorly-equipped to function in complex social situations. It is the goal of Conan’s to create a positive learning atmosphere for kids and adults to renew their self confidence and help them succeed in life. Donations will help the kids and adults achieve there dreams and goals. Donations will help on getting equipment, uniforms, competitions events etc,. Any underprivileged kid or adult that needs a little financial help to accomplish their dreams or goals to get uniforms, equipment or even to a tournament will benefit. All donations go to Conans Kickboxing Academy Foundation that world-champion Scott “Conan” Mincey started back 2015. I have helped kids and adults in the past using my own funds since I started back 1996. Conan’s academy has grown to where it prompted me to get a charity foundation started to help financially help underprivileged kids and adults.



— Our Mission

Our mission at Conan’s Kickboxing academy is to change as many lives as possible for the better and help mold the future for struggled youth & adults. 


— Our Vision

The vision our team has is to make sure every child or adult in need has an escape and have the opportunity to be trained not only in martial arts, but the ability to make better life decisions to become successful. 


— Our Story

Changing lives since 1996 by funding their martial arts experience and life coaching. Find our impact stories below. 

Impact Stories

"I have the energy and confidence that I always wished I could have"

Starting martial arts has had more of an impact on my quality of life than any other decision I’ve made. Prior to starting kickboxing I had self esteem issues, no GED, no car, no education. I weighed 135 lbs at 6’2 and couldn’t jog more than a block before huffing and puffing.

Now, almost 4 years later with a couple of fights under my belt, I’m married, halfway through a Paramedicine degree and sit at 155 lbs. I have the energy and confidence that I always wished I could have. Now as a proud instructor at Conan’s Kickboxing Academy I can help people have a positive relationship with their body.

"We think there's no better place to train and learn new things than here"

My name is Juan Hernandez. When I was 4 years old I met sensei Conan. For 8 years I have been at Conan’s kickboxing academy training karate, Kyokushin, and kick boxing. There are so many great trainers like sensei Conan, a 4 time world kickboxing champion, sensei Ed, and sensei Jake. They have all helped me get to the point where I am at right now, a junior black belt at the age of 12, and I have one my first kickboxing match at the age of 11. They have taught me the hard work and discipline will pay off no matter where you decide to go in life. They have helped me with a lot in my education like to focus on my grades and not to get distracted because nowadays there are many kids that make bad decisions in life, but Conan is helping me make good decisions in life so far. In conclusion,  Conan’s isn’t just an academy with the best instructors. Conan’s academy is like a big family to me as well. They will always try to help you in any way they can. 

– Juan Hernandez

My name is Lucas Cox, I was born September 7th, 1990.  I was raised by my mom until I was 7.  I was passed around and fed ketchup packets off and on up to this point.  My mother suffered from Paranoia and Schizophrenia.  I was unable to stay with her and moved in with my grandparents.  I tried taekwondo and other activities to control my anger & rage, but nothing worked. Until one day a neighbor of my grandparents gave me a number for Conans Kickboxing.  I called and scheduled an interview. I was in love with the gym at first sight.  Conan was my “Mickey,” he taught me how to box and work out.  Most of all, he showed me a way to control the anger.  I used those techniques he taught me though the tough times.  With all that being said, I woke up, made the call and Conans Kickboxing has helped me.  This is a positive place to belong too and a place I have always been welcomed. That was 10 years ago.  I’m still here, Thank God and Amen.

– Lucas Cox

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